Frequent visitors can now use automated immigration gates at airports

Japan Times 1.11.2016

The Justice Ministry launched a new program Tuesday to allow repeat visitors to Japan to complete the immigration entry process at unmanned gates, a move aimed at cutting wait times.

Under the Trusted Traveler Program, the Immigration Bureau now lets low-risk travelers — such as foreign nationals who come to Japan often on business — use automated gates for short-term stays.

Automated gates are already in use at four major airports — Narita, Haneda, Chubu Centrair and Kansai. But they had only been available for Japanese nationals and foreign residents of Japan who pre-registered. The new initiative opens the gate for frequent visitors, a Justice Ministry official said Tuesday.

An applicant must meet certain requirements to register as a trusted traveler, including being employed full time at a public or private organization for a year and having visited Japan at least twice within the 12-month period prior to arrival.

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