Vaatii ilmoittautumisen

Ma 11.1.2016 klo 15:00-17:00
Finnish Institute of International Affairs
Kruunuvuorenkatu 4, 2 krs.

This seminar will examine the evolution of Brazil’s international identity and position. First, it will take a historical perspective on Brazil’s relationship with South America. For a long time, Brazil did not view itself as an integral part of the region. Lately, however, Brazil has started to pursue a policy of engagement with its South American neighbours. The seminar will explore the roots and genesis of pan-Americanism and the way it has affected Brazil’s international agency. Secondly, the seminar will look at Brazil’s evolving position and role within the global system. Brazil has often been thought of as a bridge country between the North and South. Yet, recently it has been turning more towards the Global South. What is Brazil’s international identity, how has it been evolving and what sort of international agency can we expect from it in the near future?

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