‘The best Market for Development of Agro-Industries & Entrance to the World’s Markets’
8th Int’l Exhibition for Agricultural Machinery & Industries, Irrigation, Ingredients, Related Machinery and Industries held in
Urmia exhibition center on 10-13 May 2016 in an area of 10000 sqm. Which in comparison with this exhibition in 2015, we had more
than 25% increases.
We also had the honor to state that 110 domestic and foreign agents companies participated in this event, which is also regarded as ‘The
best Market for Development of Agro-Industries in Iran & Entrance to the World’s Markets’.
A) Agromet 2016 Urmia Exhibitors Profile:
A –1) With regard to the title of exhibition, the field of activities of participants in this event can be classified as follows:
Agricultural Industries & Ingredients: %25 Irrigation: 37% Agricultural Machinery: 38%
At a glance:
A–2) %10 of participants was active in the field of Research & Scientific Centers.
A-3) Over %30 of exhibitors in Agromet 2016 shows their new products.
A–4) foreign agents were from The Netherlands, Italy,Australia ,Denmark,Spain ,Switzerland,Canada ,SouthAfrica ,Russia,Taiwan,
Finland, Turkmenistan, Norway, Turkey, France, India,China,Sweden, Armenistan,Azerbaijan,Crovasia, Hungury.
A-5) Domestic exhibitors in Agromet 2016 were participating from Tehran ,Isfahan ,Fars ,Khuzestan ,khorasan Razavi ,East
Azerbaijan,West Azerbaijan, Zanjan, Kurdistan, Alborz,… .

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