We would like to inform you that a big conference entitled “IRAN INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES – IIO” will be held on November 16 and 17, 2021 in TEHRAN, IRAN.

This event is held in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran and with the presence of all Iranian Ministries as policy makers of industries, free and special economic zones, as well as large companies that need investors.

In this event, the following considerations have been made in the field of investment:

1- All projects are considered with the approach of having attractiveness for investors and high return on investment.
2- Most projects have tried to have a quick ROI.
3- These projects are in industries that Iran needs and they have a good domestic and export markets.
4 – Due to the unique geoeconomic position of Iran, participation in the “Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)”, the export approach to invest in industrial projects is also considered and many investment projects in Iran It has the ability to export economically with low transportation costs to Iran’s neighboring countries, Arab countries, Eurasia and Europe.
5- Facilitation and acceleration of investment will be done by organization for investment, Economic and Technical Assistance Of Iran.
6- As a unique opportunity and considering the rich resources of Iran and countless investment opportunities with high return on investment in this country, it is possible to act according to the choice and interest of investors to invest in any industry. This means that investors can submit projects outside of the proposed opportunities to the Event Secretariat. In this case, the necessary research and follow-up regarding the proposed investment will be done and the result of the request will be announced to the investor.

The IIO conference will be held online and on-site . The webinar capacity of this event is 1000 real time online people and there is the ability to give simultaneous speeches to the guests and participants.

Notable point is that the presence of all non-Iranian investors in this conference is completely free and you can easily participate in this conference without paying any fees and be informed of the unique opportunities available.

We would be grateful if the relevant chambers of commerce, associations and investing companies would be properly informed about attending this event for free.

Timetable (pdf)

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Ladan Jafari
IIO Participant Affairs Manager
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