Webinar, 18 of August at 15.00-16.15
Globalization – the past and nearshoring – the future? Nordic-Baltic region outlook in engineering industries

As the longterm outlook in the production sector is facing uncertainty, the nearshoring in the Baltic States offers new opportunities. Engineering industries being the core for the Finnish and Baltic economies, has much more potential than achieved to this day.

Webinar will give insights in the key International tendencies, Engineering industry outlook in the region. We will hear on digital sourcing from the Baltics as well real cases where nearshoring to Finland has grown business.

The event is organized in cooperation with FinnCham, Business Finland, Finnish- Latvian Trade association LAKY, Finnish- Estonian Trade association SEKY, Finnish –Lithuanian Trade association SULI.

As organizers of this event, we are at your service to further connect you with Baltic suppliers and explore setting up businesses in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Please register by 16th August.

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