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Panel discussion on how productivity can lead to improved profitability
and sustainability from a local and international perspective.
The impact of the Global Pandemic that we are currently facing has really put a
magnifying glass on the overall resilience of businesses and the need for a more
holistic approach. Join the panel of experts on how you as a business (irrespective
of size) can be inspired to think and act differently:
• Charlene Steyn – take stock of your situation and to encourage you to plan for
improved profitability / sustainability by offering practical “how to” suggestions.
• Junita Rose – Resilience 2.0. Preparing for the next normal: Redefining resilience
to ensure sustainability, growth and productivity.
• Lungi Hlalela – Response, Resilient Recovery and continued Reform: a practical
example and success story from Afrishore in Mossel Bay working with TOTAL
during the height of the 1st wave in 2020.
Mauri Kotamäki – the strengths and weaknesses of the European and Finnish
system during and after the crisis. What is the new normal, how to prepare for it
and how to switch the mindset from surviving to thriving?