The 5thInternational Innovation and Technology Exhibition (INOTEX2016),  from 22 to 25 May 2016 , is planned to host exhibitors from over 20 countries and to provide unique opportunities for Iranian and overseas technologists and innovators, so that they can exchange their knowledge and achievements to establish mutual benefits

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and also Isfahan metropolis is going to take advantage of technological creativities as a powerful stimulus for economic growth aiming at entrepreneurship, promoting innovation, and improving the citizens’ quality of life. Hence,The 1st International Exhibition & Festival on New Urban Technologies (ICS 2016) will be held from Sep 17, 2016 for 4 days in Isfahan, with the attendance of dozens of developed cities from all over the world and hundreds of knowledge-based companies from Iran and abroad to exhibit the most advanced technologies available for resolving the issues related to the urban management, and improving the quality of urban life.