When? Wednesday 28th June 2023
Where? Hotel nhow Brussels Bloom, Rue Royale, Koningstraat 250, 1210 Brussels, Belgium.

The European Union Global Gateway Strategy was launched in December 2021 by the European Commission and the High Representative for foreign affairs and security policy with the objective of boosting smart, clean and secure links in digital, energy and transport sectors and to strengthen health, education and research systems across the world.

The EU aims to raise €300 billion from the Team Europe members (EU institutions, Member States, European Investment Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) through this strategy by 2027 to support the financing of high-quality, sustainable infrastructures, which comply with social and environmental standards by combining grants, loans, guarantees, technical assistance and other financial products.

Although half of the financing is earmarked for Africa, the strategy also reaches other parts of the world such us the Western Balkans and Ukraine, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Why this seminar 

Informative events on Global Gateway are multiplying in Brussels, as well as in several Member states, but so far, scarce specific information has been disclosed on how the European private sector can participate in the implementation of the strategy in practice.

The aim of this seminar is precisely to fill that gap by inviting the leading stakeholders (European Commission, European Investment Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) to provide participating companies with practical specific information and guidelines on how they can be part of Global Gateway.

Also the seminar shall give participating companies the possibility to meet potential partners to join forces by building international consortia to participate in business opportunities derived from the Global Gateway strategy.

Why Energy

As well as geographically, the Global Gateway Strategy’s scope is wide and large in terms of the sectors covered:

  • Digital technology (access to digital infrastructures, a protective regulatory framework, skill building);
  • Climate and energy (renewables and the management of critical minerals, sustainable agri-food systems, water and sanitation, waste management and the preservation of ecosystems);
  • Transport (rail, road, port and airport networks, logistical centres and multimodal platforms, regulatory convergence and agreements);
  • Healthcare (security of pharmaceutical supply chains and development of local production capacities);
  • Education and research (access to quality education and vocational training, creation of academic and research networks).

It is no secret that in the present geopolitical situation one of the highest priorities on the European Union’s agenda is to secure clean and stable energy supply by developing connections with partners countries.

European companies are highly competitive in renewable energy technologies. For that reason they are called to play a prominent role in the implementation of the Global Gateway strategy.

During the afternoon session, participating companies will be able to hold B2B meetings so that they can identify potential partners for future tenders. They will also have the opportunity to approach some of the speakers bilaterally in order to discuss with them procurement procedures and uses of each contracting authority. In order for these B2B meetings to be viable and fruitful it is necessary to restrict the scope of the seminar to one sector included in the strategy.

The registration is open until 27.6. and participation in the seminar entails payment of a 225 euros fee per person. Here you can find the payment information. Please, fill in the VAT registration number so that no VAT is charged to you. (Belgian companies have to pay VAT.)

Only companies from EU Member States may participate in the seminar. If the number of participants is too high, the organizers reserve the right to limit the number to one representative per company.

You can find the draft program here.

More information: http://www.sectorseminars.eu