Time: Monday, September 11 at 15:30-17:00
Venue: Ulkoministeriö Merikasarmi + Teams
Registrations at latest on September 8th HERE.

TradeMark Africa (TMA), is an Aid-for-Trade organization, with the aim of growing prosperity through increased trade. With its budget of 700 million USD, TMA is a powerful economic player on the African continent.

Come and join us to hear from TradeMark Africa’s Executive Director David Beer about TradeMark Africa, its aims, focus areas, and opportunities for Finnish companies.

TradeMark Africa is a regional organization, which have contributed to substantial gains for trade and regional integration in East Africa and the Horn of Africa in terms of decreased cargo transit times, improved border efficiency and reduced barriers to trade.

While TMA continues to leverage its core expertise in trade facilitation, it will evolve its focus to harness the potential of digitalization, support African exporters to pioneer low carbon trade, address the core trade factors behind food security and promote inclusive trade.

In 2022, TMA set up a catalytic finance fund, Trade Catalyst Africa (TCA) that will pilot commercially viable projects for creating trade infrastructure (both physical and digital) as well as increasing access to Trade Finance for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

TMA operates in several different countries in Africa. Come and explore what TradeMark Africa is about and what are the opportunities for Finnish companies!

The event is organized as a hybrid event by MFA and the Africa Business Network of the Finland Chamber of Commerce.