When? Tuesday 24th January at 10:00am Finnish time (9:00am Tunisian time)
Where? Virtually by Teams

We have the pleasure to invite you to a virtual matchmaking event on Tuesday 24th January to be introduced with potential partners in Tunisia and Finland. The event will begin at 10:00am Finnish time (9:00am Tunisian time).

For Finnish and European companies, Africa is the continent of possibilities. Africa is gradually returning to its place as the new dynamic region of growth, where the need for investment in everything is in a league of its own compared to the rest of the world, from infrastructure to education, industry and services. This potential is also enhanced by Africa’s growing population and economic growth, abundant natural resources and the generational change that many African countries will face in the coming years.

Tunisia can act as an excellent gateway for Finnish companies to enter North Africa. Tunisian markets form an excellent manageable foundation, which can be used for further expansion in the continent. Tunisia provides great possibilities on the fields of digitalisation, green solutions in energy and infrastructure and the circular economy across sectors. There are also good market opportunities for Finnish companies in health and education sectors.

Finland and Finnish companies provide a powerhouse of ideas, innovation, and opportunities in one of the world’s most stable, smart, and sustainable economies. Finland is a nation of designers, engineers, problem-solvers, and pioneers at the forefront of digitalisation and ICT. Our digital solutions are changing the world.

Finns also want to tackle to ambitious climate targets with innovative solutions, ground-breaking ecosystems, and cutting-edge research. But one country or company working alone cannot tackle the issues we face today. Cooperation between countries and companies makes it easier to tackle challenges that we face today That is why Finland is committed to solving these challenges together with others.

Please register to the event HERE by Sunday, January 22nd. Discussions are planned to be continued possibly in February or at another time.

Welcome to learn about possibilities in both countries.

Agenda (all times in Finnish time)

10:00 Opening words by Mr. Bassem Loukil, Honorary Consul of Finland to Tunisia
10:05 Sectoral presentations: Digitalisation and ICT
10:20 Sectoral presentations: Energy and circular economy solutions
10:35 Sectoral presentations: Basic Services, incl. health and education
10:50 General discussion
11:00 End of event

For more information, please contact the Finland Chamber of Commerce: Ville Vuorensola, ville.vuorensola(a)chamber.fi