Finland Australia Business Council

The Finland Australia Business Council (FABC) connects people who are committed to promoting, encouraging and facilitating trade, commerce and investment between Australia and Finland.

Established in 2014, the FABC supports a wide network of members, including leading companies, experienced business people and representatives of government, all of whom are committed to strengthening links between the two countries and realising business opportunities.

Make business connections

Whether you operate a global business or are a small local manufacturer looking to expand, you are sure to meet potential customers, suppliers, partners or advisors who can add value to your business through the FABC. We have a regular programme of meetings and events at which our members get together, talk business and do deals.

Access our network

The FABC has connections at the highest levels of government and in the business communities of Australia and Finland. We work closely with various stakeholders in both countries like Finpro and the Embassy of Australia. FABC members can connect with the right people and maximise their growth potential.

Keep up to date

In the ever-changing modern business environment, the person who keeps informed is the person who succeeds. Information about emerging trends, business opportunities and regulatory changes that our members receive through newsletters, events and seminars helps to keep them ahead of the pack and make good business decisions.

Get involved

The FABC provides the greatest benefit for those people who want to get involved,  to be in the know, who want to network and talk about business conditions, trends and experiences. In this way, our members make new contacts, find opportunities and get information that will help their businesses move forward quickly.