The 30th anniversary celebration of the Finland-Lithuania Business Association was a momentous occasion, highlighting three decades of robust economic collaboration and cultural exchange between the two nations.

The event brought together distinguished guests, including business leaders, diplomats, and association members, who gathered to reflect on past achievements and envision future opportunities.

Kotkaniemi Manor provided excellent premises for our jubilee celebration. The historic and elegant setting of the manor added a touch of grandeur to the event, creating a memorable atmosphere for all attendees. We are grateful for the impeccable service and the picturesque location that contributed significantly to the event’s charm and sophistication.

The evening was marked by insightful speeches, and vibrant networking sessions, all underscoring the enduring partnership and shared commitment to fostering economic growth and mutual prosperity. This milestone celebration not only honoured the rich history of the association but also set the stage for continued success and deeper cooperation in the years ahead.