ABRE  is a Costa Rican company, its main business is the purchase, roasting grinding, packaging and marketing of coffee.

Costa Rican coffee is recognized worldwide for its quality. In our case, we buy coffee from areas located in the highlands or the central plateau of the country, then we transport the coffee to our factory, where we roast, mix and grind it to obtain the best profiles and final cup flavors.

ABRE is highly recognised and well known for the quality of its coffee.

  • “We comply with all regional quality standards and our coffee brands have the quality audit and seal granted by the American organization NSF (National Sanitation Foundation). I´m confident that Finns  coffee drinkers would love our coffee flavours”, says Mr. Hersel Orozco, CEO and Partner, Alimentos y Bebidas Regionales S.A, Costa Rica.

Attached please find a video describing the coffee production at ABRE here or below

Should you need more information on ABRE and its coffee, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Hersel Orozco, CEO and Partner, Alimentos y Bebidas Regionales S.A, Costa Rica at horozco ( a )abre.cr

Company in a nutshell:
Founded: 1923.
Produces coffee per year: 2400 metric Tons.
Quality of beans: Arabica.
Flavours: Citrus fruits, caramel, honey, chocolate.
Employees: 150
Contact data: horozco ( a )abre.cr

Costa Rica is a rugged, gorgeous , rainforested Central American country with coastlines on the Caribbean and Pacific and a unique ecosystem to grow coffee beans. Its population is roughly 5.1 million people. Spanning over 200 years, the coffee industry has been a vital force in the Costa Rica’s rich history and the development of its culture and society. Due to its importance to Costa Rica’s economy, it is locally referred to as “the Golden Bean”. There are eight primary coffee growing regions in Costa Rica. Coffee flavours range from chocolate to honey and vanilla. Coffee is also important for Costa Rica’s culture and economy. Costa Rican coffee is shipped all around the world.