ANNUAL REPORT 2018         




The activity year was the 37th year in the history of the Finland-Japan Chamber of Commerce.


The Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting was held 19.4.2018. Items according to the rules of the Chamber of Commerce were treated.

Keynote speaker after the annual meeting was Finnish Ambassador to Japan, H.E. Mr. Jukka Siukonsaari. 20 people attended the meeting.



9.3. Finland-Japan Chamber of Commerce organized a breakfast meeting at WTC Helsinki. 16 guests were present.


27.3. luncheon meeting withkeynote speaker Daisaku YUKITA, JETRO London and 20 guests.


19.4. the association celebrated Japan Day at the Residence of Japanese Ambassador and nine association member representatives.


1.8. Finland-Japan Chamber of Commerce organized the traditional Japan Golf Day Tournament in Kullo Golf Club.

Winner of the tournament was Mr. Juha Pitkänen and winner of the special prize competition, closest to pin, was Mr. Leo Bensky.

There were 34 participants in the Japan Golf day event.


27.11. Little Christmas event of the six Asian business associations. Guest speaker from Finlayson.


3.12. Finland-Japan Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with JETRO organized a Slush side event with guest speaker Director General Mr. Takumi Fujino from JETRO London office. 16 people attended.


Other activities

In the end of 2018 the Finland-Japan Chamber of Commerce, Helsinki (FJCC), and the Finnish Chamber of Commerce in Japan (FCCJ) agreed to continue closer cooperation and communication. Reciprocal visitor membership has been introduced: members of FJCC can participate events arranged by FCCJ and vice versa, and news published in FCCJ News and Bulletins will be distributed to FJCC members. Membership and member obligations remain unchanged.




The board of the Finland-Japan Chamber of Commerce had two meetings in 2018: 27.3. and 15.6.



Juha Pitkänen                                                     DF Green Oy

Petteri Kostermaa                                              Kostermaa Consulting Oy


Yuichiro Hayata                                                Murata Electronics Oy

Reijo Munther                                                   Business Finland

Tomoaki Nakano                                               Japan Airlines Co. Ltd

Seppo Rantanen                                                 Asahi Partners Oy

Risto Salo                                                          Faros Finland Oy

Lauri Tierala                                                      Finnair Oyj.

Paavo Virkkunen                                               Visit Finland/Business Finland Oy




As auditors elected by the Annual General Meeting were Mr. Timo Jalamo,

Nordea Bank AB (publ), Suomen sivuliike and Mr. Juha Vuopio, Nordea Bank AB (publ), Suomen sivuliike. Vice Auditors were Mr. Jaakko Ahtiluoto, private member, and Mr. Esko Ahokas, private member.




Ms. Hanna-Leena Harma, and Ms. Hannele Visuri, Finland Chamber of Commerce, served as the Secretary of the Finland-Japan Chamber of Commerce.


Contact address:

The Finland-Japan Chamber of Commerce

(Suomi-Japani kauppakamari)

c/o Finland Chamber of Commerce

P.O. Box 1000


Tel. 09-4242 6228






By the end of the activity year there were 53 corporate members and 26 private

members and two honorary members.




The activities of the Chamber of Commerce were financed through membership fees.

In 2018 the total of membership fees was 10.725,00,- euros. Corporate membership fee was 180,- euros and private membership fee was 50,- euros. Student membership is 20,- euros.


Surplus of the activity year was 1 724,86 euros.


Helsinki, March 2019