Christian Borenius, Honorary Consul, H.E. Ms Anita Cristina Escher Escheverria, Salvadoran Ambassador to Finland, Ms Anne Hatanpää, Secretary for the Finnish-American Trade Association

El Salvador is the smallest of the Central American nations, with an area equal to that of Massachusetts. The smallest and most densely populated nation in Central America sits at the edge of the Pacific Ocean between Guatemala and Honduras with a population of 6.5 million people.

El Salvador is known for her coffee. One third of the produced coffee is exported to Germany, one third to the USA and one third to different destinations. El Salvador’s coffee is grown in  shade coffee plantations and most of the forests are associated with shade coffee plantations. El Salvador has also started activating the production of cacao. El Salvador is also  famous for its surfing facilities, Maya culture and vulcanos.

Aeroman in El Salvador was founded in 1983 as TACA’s (an “N” registered airline) maintenance and engineering division. In the past 30 years, Aeroman has grown to more than 2,400 people with 5 narrow and wide body hangars capable of supporting up to 18 lines of maintenance. Aeroman supports the leading airlines in the America’s with Airbus.

El Salvador’s main trading partners are the neighboring countries and Mexico, USA as well as Canada. El Salvador’s aim is to strengthen economic ties with European countries.

El Salvador wants to strengthen its trade and civil society. El Salvador  focuses on coffee trade and building up cacao production.