The Finland-ASEAN Trade Association has signed a memorandum of understanding with The Trade Promotion and Enterprise Support Center (TPESC)/Hanoi Association for Small and Medium Enterprises on 27.8.

TPESC is an organization promoting two-way trade and investment between enterprises in Vietnam and those in EU countries. TPESC carries out trade promotion activities in different fields such as: high-tech agriculture/foodstuff/know-how exchange in cleantech for environmental protection/waster & water management technology/healthcare/education etc.
TPESC can manage and coordinate all financial sources to support SME enterprises, not only in Hanoi but also in 64 provinces in Vietnam.
TPESC organizes workshops, exhibitions, business match-making, trade fairs, study tours and visits for capacity and knowledge enhancement.

More information about Trade Promotion and Enterprise Support Center (TPESC):
Contact person: Ms. Luong Hong (Rosy), / Tel. +84 904 406 208

The cooperation between the Business Association and the TPESC includes sharing information about investment opportunities, trade fairs and exhibitions as well as business environment and economic data