Finland-South East Asia Business Association was founded in Helsinki in 1993 with a purpose to promote trade, investment and economic co-operation between Finland and South East Asian countries. Finland – South East Asian Business Association is an umbrella to many different countries on the area: Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Kambodzha and Brunei. They show a variety of cultural, political and economic differences, forming – however – a very interesting mixture of possibilities for Finnish companies.The goal of the business association is to keep the members informed of all countries as well as of any specific individual country of interest.

Purpose and vision of the business association:

To support member companies in developing sustainable business in South East Asian countries.

To be a trusted partner, source of information and support for member companies in forming business connections in South East Asian countries.

To achieve these, the business association organises luncheon meetings and seminars, thus providing an excellent channel for getting new contacts, information and sharing experiences. Companies being already present in one of these countries and also companies starting their activities in the area benefit greatly from these contacts and expert views provided by experienced business people, ambassadors and commercial counsellors, who have lived and worked in these countries. They all provide an excellent source of first-hand information.

Annual membership fee is 100 € for small companies (personnel less than 25) and 200 € for large companies (personnel more than 25 ) and 50 € for individual members.

Chair of the Association is Mr Jani Kaulo.

You are welcome to join the association LinkedIn-group.

For more information please contact:

Secretary General
Mr. Ville Vuorensola
Email: ville.vuorensola ( a )
Phone: +358 50 464 5006

Finland-South East Asia Business Association
c/o Finland Chamber of Commerce
P.O. Box 1000
00101 Helsinki

Business ID: 1515491-8