How are the markets faring and what lies ahead for Latin America’s giant as a place to do business?

Welcome to a breakfast briefing on Brazil’s first presidential election since the impeachment of Dilma Rousseff in 2016. Lauri Tähtinen, a country specialist and Nordic West Office’s Head of Research and Analysis, explores Brazil’s politics, economy and place in the world.

Join us to learn more about the cast of characters leading in the polls:

  • The wildly popular ex-president, Lula, who remains imprisoned and thus excluded from running for office.
  • The foul-mouthed congressman, Jaír Bolsonaro, who boosts the military dictatorship and boasts about not understanding the economy.
  • The environmental activist Marina Silva, an Evangelical Christian, whose electoral platform combines social conservatism with an anti-corruption agenda.

Will a mainstream presidential candidate surge, and what is the outlook for congressional and state elections? Can Brazil recover from a historic corruption scandal and economic downturn? How does democracy fare after impeachment? The Brazilian experience holds lessons beyond its borders on what may follow the ousting of an elected head of state.

Join us for breakfast, immerse yourself in all things Brazilian and be prepared to ask some hard questions.

  • When: Wednesday, September 19, 8.30-10 am (breakfast served from 8 am)
  • Where: Nordic West Office, Vuorikatu 15 A, 00100 Helsinki
  • Registration: (with dietary restrictions) by Thursday Sep 13 by email:

This breakfast session is organized by Nordic West Office in co-operation with Finnish-Latin-American Trade Association, Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce and Enterprise Europe Network.

The event is free of charge. Welcome!

Nordic West Office provides analysis on elections that have an impact on Nordic Business. Other sessions this autumn are:

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  • Friday, November 9 at 8.30-10 am: Elections in the US. Referendum on Trump.

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