The School of Engineering of Universidad de Antioquia is celebrating its 75th anniversary; as a part of the celebration of this event, in cooperation with Tecnnova (an entity with over 10 years of experience on topics such as Science, Technology and Innovation), we would like to invite you to participate in the first version of EXPOIngeniería 2018, an event held to establish the future from the development and sustainability of the region and the country; the event will be held from October 16 to October 19, 2018 at “Centro de Convenciones Plaza Mayor” and “Teatro Metropolitano de Medellín.”

EXPOIngeniería 2018 will be a space for discussion and exchange of knowledge and challenges among three main players of society: industry, academic environment, and State. As well, the fair is the scenario that allows the connection between companies and institutions both national and international, giving the  opportunity to generate business and value interactions, which allows the development of global innovation.


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