Did you know that China is the second-largest recipient of foreign direct investment in 2020? Why are so many major Finnish & European companies and SMEs investing in China? And what are the biggest challenges and opportunities for foreign investors when expanding to China?

When: 3.11.2021
Where: This is a hybrid seminar organized both offline and online.
Volvo Studio, Volvo Showroom, Huaihai Middle Road 999 (Entrance from Shanxi Road side) Shanghai, China
Time: 14:00 – 16:00 GMT+8

In this informative session organized by FBCS and Hawksford – a UK headquartered corporate service provider – together with two Finnish companies Moventas & Savosolar, we will discuss the practicalities of expanding into China and share our insights, expertise, and case studies on how to leverage China’s ever-changing business environment to accelerate business growth in the region.

Moventas and Savosolar will tell us about their companies’ journeys in China – biggest challenges encountered, success stories to celebrate and lessons learned. The speakers will share practical advice on how to thrive in China and provide the attendees with specific characteristics that you need to be aware of when operating in the Chinese market.

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