Join Mr. Kimmo Tiilikainen, Minister of Agriculture and the Environment on a Team Finland Visit to Ecuador and Peru.

Why should your company go to Ecuador?
•    Ecuador aims to reach 60% renewable energy generation capacity by 2017 focusing on bioenergy and hydropower
•    Ecuador is offering incentives in the forest industry for investments in tree planting, pulp factories and sawmills
•    Ecuador is also looking for sustainable solutions for mining projects
•    A free trade agreement between Ecuador and the EU will be ratified this year.

Why should your company go to Peru?
•    Peru has increasing demand for forest technology and services as it plans to grow its forest industry to 3% of its GDP by 2021. Finland already has a strong foothold in the Peruvian forest sector
•    Newly elected president Pedro Pablo Kuczynski has also confirmed 10 billion USD state investment until the year 2025 in potable water and water treatment efficiency improvements
•    Government incentives are available for environmentally sustainable mining practices
•    Peru has had a free trade agreement with the EU since 2011.

For more information on business opportunities in Ecuador and Peru visit seeWhy Ecuador and Why Peru.

Minister Tiilikainen’s delegation will visit Ecuador on October 18-19 and Peru on October 20-21. This invitation to join the business delegation is extended to Finnish companies in the forest industry, bioeconomy and green mining sectors.

The program includes official and sectorial meetings as well as a networking reception. Read more about the detailed practical information on how to register, costs involved and the program HERE.

Prior to the visit, Ecuador’s Minister for Foreign Trade, Mr. Juan Carlos Cassinelli and the Undersecretary for Forest Production Pablo Noboa are visiting Finland in September 2016.

Interested? Confirm your participation in the Team Finland Visit to Ecuador and Peru.

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