July 1st to 4th, 2024, Centro Parque Santiago, Chile

Event Overview

The XI Business Matchmaking Forum of the Pacific Alliance is a premier business event designed to strengthen commercial ties between Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru, as well as with countries in Europe, Asia, and North America. It places special emphasis on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), providing an ideal space to facilitate commercial connections and promote business generation for all participants. The goal of this session is to promote the commercial exchange of exportable offerings between the Pacific Alliance countries and third country markets.

Reasons to participate

Represents a unique platform to strengthen commercial ties and boost the alliance´s exports on a global scale. It offers buyers the opportunity to meet with exporters from the Pacific Alliance countries through a customized agenda. The event will be held in person, providing a wide range of commercial networking activities designed to create an environment conducive to facilitating international business transactions. In addition, this approach aims to promote the sustainable export offerings as a differentiating and attractive value for international buyers.

Prioritized Sectors

  • Agro and Foods: Alcoholic Beverages, Coffee, Fresh Fruit, Processed Foods, Agribusiness & Food Innovation, Nuts and Dehydrated Fruits.
  • Apparel Industry: Clothing and Apparel, Jewelry and Costume Jewelry, Leather and Leather Products, Footwear and Accessories.
  • Manufacturing metalworking: Machinery and Construction.
  • Manufacturing chemicals: Cosmetics and Hygiene Products, Containers and Packaging.

Important dates

RegistrationMay 24th to June 14th
Validation and confirmation of companiesJune 3rd to 17th
Business MeetingJune 11th to 24th
Plenary / Opening and Thematic WorkshopsJuly 2nd 
Business MatchmakingJuly 2nd and 3rd

Benefits of Participating

  • Networking: Connect with exporting companies and potential business partners.
  • Expansion Opportunities: Access new international markets.
  • B2B Meetings: Participate in business meetings scheduled specifically for your company.
  • Incentives: free event, participants’ food is covered by the organizers.

Requirements and participant profiles: Importers

The importing companies invited and validated by our Commercial Offices must have a specific demand for the exportable offerings of the Pacific Alliance. This rigorous selection process seeks to ensure that participants have a high success potential.

Participation / Selection Process

Registration: Access the registration page of the XI Business Matchmaking Forum of the Pacific Alliance  (https://mbmapp.com/forms/wizard/setup) and complete all the fields of the registration form. Once completed, you will automatically receive a confirmation email of your registration.

Admission: Your company’s profile will be validated by the promotion entities (ProChile, ProColombia, Mexico’s Ministry of Economy and PromPeru). Once the validation is completed, the status of your registration will be notified by email.

Scheduling: According to the published schedule, once the companies have been accepted, the agenda will be opened. To access, you will need to log in with your username and password. Within the platform, in the “My Connections” section, you will be able to review the list of accepted participants and request business meetings based on the availability of the agendas. Meetings will be accepted or rejected according to the business interests of both parties. In the “Schedule” option, you can see your agenda. In the “My Connections” section you can request meetings, and in the “Inbox: Received Requests” section you can respond to requests.