H.E. Ricardo José Alvarado Noguera, the Nicaraguan Ambassador to Finland (second from the left), met with Mr Tapani Järvinen, Chairman of the Finnish-Latin American Trade Association (first from the left), Mr Timo Vuori, Vice President, International Affairs, Finland Chamber of Commerce (second from the right) and Ms Anne Hatanpää, Secretary of the Trade Association. Ricardo II 18.9.2015

Central America including Nicaragua offers Finnish companies many business opportunities in forestry, mining, energy and maritime sectors. Nicaragua is also building a canal  to connect the Caribbean Sea (the Atlantic Ocean) with the Pacific Ocean. The canal project will include 6 sub projects: Canal (including locks), 2 Ports, a Free Trade Zone, Holiday Resorts, an International Airport and several roads.

H.E. pointed out that Nicaragua is the safest country in Central America and its economy will grow in the future. Finnish companies would have a lot to offer to Nicaraguans if only the Finnish products and services were more known in Nicaragua. H.E. wished Finnish companies welcome to visit Nicaragua and learn more about the country and its economy. Organizing a seminar on business opportunities in Nicaragua was also discussed during the meeting.