The thing that your company was always thinking but did not dare to say it out loud? Now it is the time!

– to join “SuLi” – Finland-Lithuania Business Association to find out:

  1. how to start business with Lithuanian manufacturers and service providers – or
  2. sell your products / services in Lithuania – or
  3. perhaps start manufacturing in Lithuania, maybe to set up a service center?

There are assets, talent, and finance available in Lithuania!

The EU recovery funds will give a 2,225 billion euro boost to the Lithuanian economy. This fiscal package is offering a major opportunity for Finnish businesses to join in and contribute to the Lithuanian development with Finnish knowhow in ITC, Cleantech and green technology sectors.

Active Board of Directors, extensive knowledge of our members about the operation and characteristics of the economic region of Finland and Lithuania, influential speakers of our theme events, continuous communication in the newsroom of the Association will bring you closer to the potential partners and make your communication faster and easier. Contribution of economic interactions between the two countries and promotion of trade relations and investments is the main purpose of the Association.

We work in close cooperation with the Lithuanian Embassy in Helsinki, Finnish Embassy in Vilnius, and our sister organization Finland-Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce in Vilnius.  Finally, we have a strong backbone as we are affiliated with the Finland Chamber of Commerce (Keskuskauppakamari) and can utilize their network and services.

Are you ready to join us and succeed in doing business in Lithuania with us?

Get your membership and join the SuLi network!

Risto Uusitalo, Chairman
Finland-Lithuania Business Association
c/o Chamber of Commerce in Finland