Peru is among the 20 largest countries in world by area. Peru expects economy to grow by 3 – 4 percent in the coming years. Structural changes will support the outstanding performance of the Peruvian economy.

Peru has signed Free Trade Agreements with China, the USA, and the EU – altogether 18 FTAs with 52 countries. The Free Trade Agreement between Peru and the EU improves competitiveness and productivity and reduces trade barriers. It also increases exports and strengthens political and economic stability. Goods and services have preferential access to these markets according to the Agreement.

Peru is also a member of the Pacific Alliance, which is formed by Peru, Chile, Mexico and Colombia, all Latin American countries committed to open markets and promoting investment. The Pacific Alliance aims at sustainable development and cooperation between Member States and Observer States. Finland is one of the Observer States.

Peru is one of the world’s largest food provider. Peruvian enterprises export for example fishmeals, frozen scallops and fresh fruits and raw materials such as copper, zinc, lead and silver. Finnish enterprises would have business opportunities in mining, energy, agro, forest and tourism industries as well as in cleantech.

Mr. Eduardo Chávarri, Ambassador of the Republic of Peru spoke at the meeting arranged by the Finnish-Latin American Trade Association in Helsinki on 29th November 2016.


Mr. Eduardo Chávarri, Ambassador of the Republic of Peru