Which kind of commercial activity the company you represent has in Finland?

Ignitis Suomi Oy is sales arm of Ignitis Group in Finland that sells and supplies energy and solutions to Finnish clients, namely natural and renewable gases, liquified natural gas and related services as well as electricity.  

What kind of advice would you like to give for a Lithuanian company planning to enter Finnish market?

Open-minded approach with clear business focus based on strengths of one’s offering and a team that can deliver.

Please, tell us your success story in Finland?

Ignitis started sales in Finland from beginning of 2020, when the Finnish gas market opened for competition reaching 15 % market share. In the beginning we focused on major industrial users and provided competitive alternative not only in terms of price, but also from a point of supply security and new offering. Today, we are serving besides major Finnish industrial users also energy utilities and medium sized B2B and we are expanding to retail sector in gas and in electricity.

How do you see the position of Finland in your activities during the 5 coming years?

We strongly believe in integration of national energy markets and intend to be a key player in Baltic Sea region engaging and serving our clients in our home market, which includes Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland.

Your moto to do business in Finland?

Alternative, Smart and Regional

Company in a nutshell

Ignitis Group is one of the largest energy groups in the Baltic Sea region with more than 1.6 million customers in 5 countries. We are listed on Nasdaq Baltic and London stock exchanges. We deliver secure and smart energy solutions for B2C and B2B customers and help them to lower and reach business and emission targets. Ignitis has consecutively received awards for best governance among Baltic companies. We have been also rated in top 10 percentile among our European peer group in ESG metrics.

Ignitis Suomi Oy is a sales arm of the group’s trading and retail businesses. We offer natural gas, biogas, electricity, guarantees of origin and related services to B2B clients.

Name Aleksei Novitsky

Title General Manager of Ignitis Suomi Oy

Something you would like to tell about yourself

In energy business since 1992 in many different roles from consultant, business developer, lobbyist to executive and board positions in Finland, Nordics, Baltics and Russia. Besides family and friends, I have a soft spot for basketball.