Some economies within Latin America are facing severe economic deterioration while others are growing. Trade liberalization in countries like Mexico, Cuba and Argentina attracts foreign investors.

Relationships play a very important role in creating business contacts. Decisions are not usually made at meetings. Good partners, who can help Finnish companies, are essential for doing business in Latin America.

Enterprises need to have a good lawyer and a good account to follow changes in regulations, which might also create new business opportunities. Local presence and commitment to stay in a country are positive signals to counter partners. Latin American firms are looking for solutions to their problems. Diversification of production is one of the main goals in many countries.

Finnish companies have good reputation in Latin America. ICT, forestry and education sectors as well as renewable energy industries offer business opportunities for Finnish companies in the region.

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The seminar started with a panel where Mr. Markku Keinänen, Director General, Department for External Economic Relations, Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, Mrs. Eeva Nuutinen, Senior Advisor, Education Export Finland, Finpro, Mr. Tuomo Heikkinen, ‎Associate Lawyer at Hannes Snellman, Mr. Kuldar Rahuorg, Fund Manager, FIM Asset Management and Mr. Frank Jackovitz, Regional Sales Manager/Latin America shared their views on doing business in Latin America with Mr Tapani Järvinen, Chairman of the Finnish-Latin American Trade Association and the audience.

The seminar, A Fresh Look at the Latin America: Argentina, Cuba and Mexico, was co-organized by Finland Chamber of Commerce, Finnish-Latin American Trade Association, Finpro, Enterprise Europe Network and Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce. The seminar took place in Helsinki on 14th June 2016.