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Finnish Young Professionals Shanghai (FYP) is an independent and nonprofit association connecting young professionals together by hosting events, seminars, webinars, creating career development and networking opportunities, and more. FYP is part of the Finnish Business Council Shanghai (FBCS), and only accepts members of ages 30 and younger. FYP’s mission is to advocate Finnish young professionals interested in Chinese business by providing them with a diverse network, opportunities, and events. All these events and opportunities are visible for members only. The FYP board and network leaders construct ways to benefit their members through FYP events and various opportunities. This is a continuous and exciting journey, and if you would like to participate in this development, please contact FYP’s new Chairwoman, Linda Tervaniemi.

New Chairwoman – Linda Tervaniemi

Linda Tervaniemi became the Chairwoman of FYP in July 2021. She is a junior studying Business and Marketing with a minor in Psychology at New York University in the Shanghai campus. Her journey in China started in 2019 when she moved to Shanghai for her studies. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, she completed her first and second year of studies at both NYU Florence and her hometown in Rovaniemi, Finland. In late 2020, Linda was able to return to China to continue making progress towards her degree. While being back in Shanghai, Linda has been involved in ​​social conscience events, held leadership positions in NYU’s Women at Work club, and worked multiple different internships. Currently, Linda interns with Nordic Friend, Waitan Agency, and Shook Digital. Now, the entrepreneurial young woman has started her position as the chairwoman of FYP Shanghai, while still studying full-time and working in her internships.

The Future of Finnish Young Professionals

In the past, FYP has mainly stayed active by members hosting social events. Now, the new Chairwoman is renewing and rebranding the organization. “As we are part of the FBCS, FYP has huge potential to be an important part of communications and business between China and Finland”, says Linda. She adds,” We will keep having fun together, but will also put more emphasis on benefitting our members’ career and professional goals.” Thus, on the 13th of August 2021, FYP’s new plans were announced and activated. These plans include events, webinars, and seminars where members can learn valuable new skills for their careers. Additionally, FYP will have official restaurant and bar partners around Shanghai, allowing members to enjoy exclusive deals and discounts. Furthermore, Linda has been planning larger steps for FYP on a more international scale. These plans will be revealed later, but conversations are being held between bigger organizations and governmental departments to further increase the opportunities FYP can offer.


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