WHO – Biogénesis S.R.L, https://biogenesis.com.uy/en/, Uruguayan producer of medical devices for hospitals and medical services providers. Founded in 2002 in Montevideo, Uruguay with the aim of  manufacturing sensors and medical devices of the best possible quality at a fair price.  The company has the following certifications: Good Manufacturing  Practices, ISO 9001, ISO 13485, EC 0537, and EC.

SELLS – Pulse oximeters,  SPO2 Sensors and cables; Electrocardiogram, ECG-EKG cables and kits; Temperature probes and cables; Invasive ultra-arterial blood pressure, IBP Cables.  Product catalogue, https://biogenesis.com.uy/Cataloguev19.pdf.

FUTHER INFORMATION: e-mail to info@biogenesis.com.uy or by telephone to Ms. Bianca Crisan, +598 9865 6332 and Mr. Ignacio Villardino, +598 9579 2002.