Tourism in Mexico is a powerful engine in generating income and a great way to attract new investment and business opportunities. As you are aware, the development of the tourism industry in Mexico is growing fast and just last year it reached a record number of 35 million visitors, which ranks Mexico at 9th place worldwide.

This, of course, represents many growth opportunities for foreign companies that cater to the tourist industry, including, but not limited to, companies in sectors, such as: construction, specialized services, water and energy, decoration and interior design, among others.

We invite you to get familiarized with the new tourism developments in Mexico. Please feel free to browse the material prepared by FONATUR, the National Tourism Fund of Mexico, which aims to promote business opportunities in tourism for foreign companies:

FONATUR’s material include: general videos and presentations (English and Spanish) on the tourism industry in Mexico and new touristic developments, as well as location-specific information.

Please, Contact the Mexican Embassy in Finland for more information on this.