The Mexican economy has been stable although the price of oil has fallen. The World Bank predicts Mexico to grow by 2, 8 % in 2016. Mexico’s production structure is diversified. Mexico is known for its mining, automotive, electronics, aerospace and assembly industries, oil production and agriculture.

Finnish companies have business opportunities in the ICT, Cleantech and education sectors. Cooperation between Finland and Mexico in the education and forestry sectors as well in the innovation field has been excellent. Mexico is undergoing a number of reforms, for example in the energy and telecommunications sectors. It would be useful for the Finnish companies to follow these reforms in order to find new business opportunities. Mexico is also a very popular tourist destination for Finns.

Mexico is the membership of the following groups: G20, OECD, Trans Pacific Partnership, NAFTA, the Pacific Alliance. Mexico is also the EU’s strategic partner.

The Finnish-Latin American Trade Association’s aim is to increase cooperation, trade and investments between Finland and the countries in Latin America. The association organizes events to its members on current topics.

H.E. Norma Bertha Pensado Moreno, Mexican Ambassador to Finland and Ms Anne Hatanpää, Secretary for the Finnish-Latin American Trade Association met on 3rd March 2016 to discuss further steps of cooperation.