Finland-ASEAN Business Association welcomed Ms. Carol Dominguez, President and CEO of John Clements Consultants, Inc., one of the Philippines’ leading providers of human resources and leadership development services, to meet with members in Helsinki in May.

Ms. Dominguez introduced the booming, consumer-driven economy that holds numerous opportunities for European businesses.  The Philippines has one of the fastest growing economies in Asia, and it has a young, service-minded workforce that is highly valued by Western companies operating in the country.  These resilient, adaptable, hard-working people are also increasingly being recruited to work abroad and thereby help address labor shortfalls in both Western and Asian nations.

According to Ms. Dominguez, European companies have opportunities to invest in infrastructure, manufacturing, consumer goods, and shared service centers in the Philippines. The key is to find trusted partners in the country, and that is where John Clements Consultants can assist.

More information: Carol Dominguez, CEO, John Clements Consultants, Inc. +63-917-827-0935