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Latin America has grown on a global scale as a diverse and appealing destination for companies who want to expand globally and take their business to the next level.

The Finnish-Latin American Business Council promotes trade and investments between Finland and the countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. The aim is to share information on the wide range of business opportunities these areas offer and to encourage companies to search for business and investments opportunities in these regions.

The Finnish-Latin Business Council organizes meetings and events in which trade and investment relations between Finland and the countries in Latin America and the Caribbean are discussed. Different regions and business opportunities are presented at these occasions. Visits and events with presentations increase members’ market knowledge and give company leaders and other members of the Business Council possibilities to present their activities, share their experiences and widen their networks. Members of the Business Council regularly receive information on developments in the countries in Latin American and the Caribbean.

Business people, Ambassadors of Finland and the countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, representatives of ministries and university professors are among the invited speakers. Information on countries in Latin America and the Caribbean is regularly distributed to the members. Members can also send suggestions for themes of events and meetings to the Secretary General. The Business Council is open for new ideas and ways for co-operation with businesses and organizations.  More information on the Business Council can be found on the website:

The Finnish-Latin American Business Council and the Finland Chamber of Commerce have made an agreement on secretarial and administrative services. The Finland Chamber of Commerce promotes internationalization of enterprises and co-operation between Trade Associations and Business Councils.

The membership fee of the Finnish-Latin American Business Council is 200 euros for enterprises and 50 for individuals in 2020; first year without payment.

Chairman of the Business Council is Ms Kirsi Seppäläinen and Secretary General Ms Anne Hatanpää.

Member of the ELAN programme (European and Latin American Business Services and Innovation) – read more here.

We look forward to welcoming you to join our Business Council.

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The Finnish – Latin American  Business Council
c/o Finland Chamber of Commerce
Anne Hatanpää, Secretary General
P.O. Box 1000

Tel. +358 9 4242 6261
Fax +358 9 650 303
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