ArgentinaThis year, the speaker of the Annual meeting of the Finnish-Latin American Trade Association was Mr Carlos Risso Dominguez, Chargé d´Affaires a.i, Embassy of Argentina. He address on the theme: “Argentina 2016: Political and Economic Developments”

Argentina has faced a number of challenges during the last years. In recent months, Argentina has started to take significant measures for economic recovery. For example, Argentina has already removed or at least significantly reduced export taxes on agricultural products, such as soybeans, maze, beef, wheat and sunflower. Argentina also seeks to reduce the burden of subsidies and to modernize its public administration. The goal is to promote competition and attract foreign investment in key sectors through a more business friendly approach in regards to movements of capital and profits. Special attention will be paid to development in different sectors, including biotechnology, mining, renewable energies, forestry and software, among others.