The Finnish-Latin American Trade Association organized together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs publishing event of The World Market 2015-2016: Focus on Latin America book. The event was opened by Tapani Järvinen the chairman of the Finnish-Latin American Trade Association and by Matti Anttonen Under-secretary of State, External economic relations, Ministry of Foreing Affairs. The event included also presentations by two companies. Mika Halttunen presented Halton Group Oy and their experience of Brazil. Jyrki Salmi presented Indufor Oy and their experience of Chile.


The Finnish-Latin American Trade Association operates for the development of commercial, technical, and those related to cooperation between Finland and Latin America. The association organizes meetings and lectures, and opportunities for progress current issues.

The Finnish-Latin American Trade Association’s Chairman Tapani Järvinen. Photo: Lauri Hassi
Photo: Lauri Hassi

Press release 192/2015
21 August 2015


The World Market 2015–2016: Focus on Latin America

The World Market is a review of international trade and economic relations published annually by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland. The 2015–2016 edition was published in Helsinki today, 21 August 2015. The current focus of this publication, which gives insight into the changes taking place in the world economy, trade policies and single markets, is on Latin America.

Overviews of the market outlooks in the countries at focus were given at the publishing event by the Finnish Ambassadors Markku Virri (Brasília), Mika-Markus Leinonen (Santiago de Chile) and Anne Lammila (Mexico City). Present were also the Finnish Ambassador Jukka Siukosaari (Buenos Aires) and Chargé d’Affaires en pied Hannu Ripatti. (Representative Office of Finland in Columbia), as well as incumbent Ambassadors Mika Koskinen (Lima) and Roy Eriksson (Mexico City). Several corporate representatives also shared their experiences associated with Latin America.

Mexico is undergoing a major reform program. The Mexican government has announced an investment programme of EUR 450 billion by 2018. It covers projects such as the construction of harbours and the establishment of a countrywide 4G network. These investments present many opportunities for Finnish companies. Brazil, in turn, is the world’s sixth largest economy, being also the largest country in South America.

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You may also place an order for a special issue of the trade and economy magazine Kauppapolitiikka to be published on 10 September 2015, with a focus on arctic opportunities. In addition to covering business opportunities in Russia, the special issue will carry an interview with the Finnish Minister for Foreign Affairs Timo Soini. The magazine will also feature an article on a company from Central Finland, NaturVention, whose young growth entrepreneurs have discovered global potential in smart green walls that allow us to enjoy healthier indoor air even in cities.