On January 11th, Patricio Sazo Arellano from Latnord, visited the Embassy of Finland in Santiago de Chile, for a meeting with Katariina Tervakangas, First Secretary; Eija Pirttiaho, Communications Officer, Cultural and Consular Affairs; Tomás Pacheco, Senior Avisor at Business Finland and Jenny Nygård, Intern. Latnord is a member of the Finnish-Latin American Business Council.

El 11 de enero, Patricio Sazo Arellano de la empresa Latnord, ha visitado la Embajada de Finlandia en Santiago de Chile, para una reunión con Katariina Tervakangas, Primera Secretaria; Eija Pirttiaho, Encargada de Comunicaciones, Asuntos Culturales y Consulares; Tomás Pacheco, Senior Avisor de Business Finland y Jenny Nygård, Intern.