Who is Yara and what does it do?
Yara is a global leader in crop nutrition and digital farming solutions, with a vision to feed the world and protect the planet. The company was founded in Norway in 1905 and has a presence in over 60 countries, serving more than 20 million farmers. Yara offers a range of products and services, including fertilizers, crop protection, precision agriculture, and environmental solutions. Yara’s mission is to create value for its customers, shareholders, and society by being the crop nutrition company for the future.

How is Yara operating in Lithuania?
• Yara established European customer service to Lithuania in 2018. Currently Yara has over 500 employees and provide service to more than 11 thousand customers throughout the Europe
• Yara moved European operational finance to Vilnius in 2021
• Lithuanian market is the largest market in Baltics for Yara. Annual revenue over 40 MEUR and increasing volumes have made Lithuanian agriculture more important for Yara.

What are the benefits of Yara’s solutions for Lithuanian farmers?
Yara’s solutions help Lithuanian farmers improve their productivity and profitability while reducing their environmental impact. The key benefits for the Lithuanian farmers as follows:
• Yara help farmers improve their crops’ quality and quantity.
• Using digital tools to improve farm efficiency and profit, by adjusting crop nutrition.
• Sustainable crop nutrition solutions offer lowest CO2 footprint in a market.
• Yara solutions enable farmers to foster soil health and biodiversity.
• Contributing to food security and rural development by supporting the competitiveness and resilience of the Lithuanian agricultural sector.

How is Yara committed to sustainability and social responsibility?
Yara is committed to sustainability and social responsibility in all its operations and activities. The company has set ambitious targets to reduce its own carbon footprint and to enable its customers to do the same. By 2030, Yara aims to:
• Reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 30%.
• Reduce its energy consumption by 10%.
• Reduce its freshwater consumption by 15%.

Lauri Heimala, Managing Director, Baltics 

Mobile phone: +358 50 5268565

Email: lauri.heimala@yara.com