Finnish-Arabic Trade Association organized the traditional networking event with the Ambassadors and Chargé d’affaires’es from Arabic countries to Finland and Finnish Ambassadors to the Arabic countries as well as members of the trade association on August 25 at Kansallissali, Helsinki.

Keynote speaker of the event was Dr. Alaa Ezz, Secretary General, Confederation of Egyptian European Business Associations.
Dr. Ezz, First Under Secretary of State, is a very active member and head of different business and trade organizations with a geographical focus on Europe and the Middle East. Next to his job as Secretary General Confederation of Egyptian European Business Association he has plenty of responsibilities as the Secretary General of the Egyptian Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce, the Association of Enterprises for Environmental Conservation, the vice president of the Associació Mediterrània del Medi Ambient and other top positions in further international and national organizations.

Dr. Ezz’s presentation and Survey on MEDA Finance (2014) can be downloaded from:

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