Monday, 24th May 2021
Time: 10:00am – 12pm (UAE Time)

Formal relations between the UAE and the European Union go back to 1988, when the EU signed a region-to-region relationship with the countries of the GCC, including the UAE. Trade and economic cooperation have flourished between the two since then, with the UAE ranking as the leading non-oil trade partner for the EU.

The European Union countries are the most important source for the UAE in terms of food commodities and manufactures, as the European Union imports more than 15% of the total UAE imports from the world in these commodities, and more than 43% of the UAE’s imports of medical supplies related to a pandemic Covid-19 comes from the European Union.

In addition the UAE has developed itself over the years to have one of the most advanced infrastructures in the region to support manufacturing and industry. KIZAD, Abu Dhabi’s integrated industrial hub, offers businesses one of the most advanced destinations for investment in the region, with its strategic location, low cost of setup and operations, and its modern, tolerant and safe living conditions.

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