Dear FIBA members,

The Finnish Patent and Registration Office, together with Finland-India Business Association, will arrange a seminar on Indian Patent System on 15 December 2020.

India is a very promising country for high technology companies because of its vast population, development potential and  highly skilled engineers and programmers. However, the patent system in India comprises of some unique features and is not very well known for European actors. In this seminar, Indian patent attorneys Ms Deepa Tiku and Mr Anupam Trivedi will give an overview in order to lower the threshold to succeed in India with patents.

We have also allocated time for a  lively discussion.

The seminar will be online, but a small group of people can also attend the seminar on the spot at the PRH premises (Sörnäisten rantatie 13 B, Helsinki). Please find enclosed the agenda of the seminar.

If you register in the online session, we will send you a link to the Teams meeting two days before the seminar.

If you attend the seminar at PRH, we request that you use a face mask, take good care of the hand hygiene and keep the safety distance of 1 – 2 meters. We will also provide face masks and hand sanitizer on the spot. At any time, you can inform Jorma Lehtonen (jorma.lehtonen ( a ) if you would like to change your registration to the online session. Especially, if you have any flu symptoms, please stay at home. Up to date information (in Finnish only) about the Covid-19 safety instructions is also available at the PRH web page.

You are kindly requested to register  by 13 December 2020.
More information: jenni.isola ( a )

The recording of the webinar will be shared with the participants by request.

You are warmly welcome!

Best Regards,

Finnish Patent and Registration Office
Finland-India Business Association