Board of Directors 2021

The FBTA held its annual general meeting on 3 June 2021. At the same time HMA Tom Dodd held his farewell address for the FBTA membership, as his posting in Finland will come to an end this summer.

From left to right Mr Ben Airas, Ms Susanna Korpivaara and Ambassador Tom Dodd

The board of directors elected the following board members at the annual general meeting:

Ms Susanna Korpivaara, Rud Pedersen Public Affairs Company Oy

Vice Chair
Mr Alexander Bargum, Algol Oy

Members of the Board
Mr Leif Frilund, Walki Group Oy
Mr Michael Gates, Richard Lewis Communications
Mr Johan Kronberg, Sponsor Capital Oy
Mr Ville-Veikko Laukkanen, Snowfox Oy
Mr Janne Rajalahti, PricewaterhouseCoopers Oy
Ms Riikka Rannikko, Hannes Snellman Attorneys at Law Ltd
Ms Tanja Veikkola, GSK
Mr Pekka Puustinen, Pohjola Insurance

Mr Ben Airas, Access Partners Oy

Bylaws of the Finnish-British Trade Association HERE