Finland-Estonia Business Association (SEKY) promotes and fosters trade, business and professional interest and commercial relations between Finland and Estonia. The association was founded in 1990.

SEKY is a membership driven, non-profit business association. SEKY’s members share a common interest in promoting bilateral business relations between Finland and Estonia in order to create new commercial opportunities benefiting both countries.

SEKY connects Finnish and Estonian companies through business networking and knowledge sharing.

Our annual membership fee is 200€ for corporate membership (first year 100 € ) and 50€ for individual membership.

SEKY works and collaborates closely with organisations such as other Baltic Business Associations, Embassies, Enterprise Estonia, Finland Chamber of Commerce and the regional Chambers in Finland, Finnish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce in Tallinn and Helsinki Estonian Academic Club.

More information about the business association and membership:

Secretary General
Ms Anne Hatanpää
Email: anne.hatanpaa ( a )
Phone: +358 50 320 9539

The Finland-Estonia Business Association
c/o Finland Chamber of Commerce
P.O. Box 1000

Business ID: 0970705-3