Finland-Latvia Business Association boosts business between Finland and Latvia. Now and future.

Finland and Latvia are jointly developing a new northern EU economic area (“New Nordics”). Latvia is the center of the Baltic States. For Finnish companies, Riga is logistically situated closer to Europe’s major economies than many other countries.  Riga is the largest capital of the Baltic States and the fourth largest metropolis of the entire “New Nordics” economic area. Economic growth in Latvia has been one of the highest in the EU in recent years. Riga Airport is less than an hour’s flight from Helsinki.  Ground shipping between our countries already now takes less than 24 hours. Construction of Rail Baltica, the rail transport infrastructure project that will integrate the Baltics into the European rail network, is underway. We will see Finnish people and cargo moving more smoothly than before through Latvia to Central Europe in the next few years.

The Latvian Investment and Development Agency (LIAA), a similar organisation to Business Finland, lists the following sectors as common growth opportunities for Latvia and Finland: ICT, life sciences, environment, medicine, food, forest, tourism, logistics, metal, machinery and electronics.

Our annual membership fee is 200 € for corporate membership and 50 € for individual membership.

Finland-Latvia Business Association – bridge between Finnish and Latvian companies

Latvia welcomes Nordic companies. Both Finnish ownership and corporate culture support Latvia’s goals to be a leading economy in relation to its size in Europe. The OECD ranked Latvia’s renewed tax model as the second best in the world after the Estonian one. Latvians trust Finns and vice versa.

The task of our association is to support Finnish and Latvian companies in finding each other. We share information and experiences between different stakeholders. We have been doing this work for over 20 years. Our active members will ensure that our work continues for at least the next 20 years.

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