Finland-Central and Eastern European Countries Business Association is proud to introduce its newest member, Bianor Group, as part of the Association.

Bianor Group (BSE:BNR) is a trusted software service provider based in the European Union. Its headquarters are in Sofia, Bulgaria, and a US consultancy office is in New York.

The Group comprises several software development companies (Bianor Services, ITIDO, GoToAdmins, Databreathe and Bulbera) with exceptional niche tech specialization in advanced mission-critical applications for telco, high-tech, media, aerospace, and defense industries.

The teams within the Group focus on OTT video streaming, real-time data transfer, AI, machine learning, cloud services, DevOps, and digital transformation-related solutions.

Bianor teams deliver outstanding IT services from its multiple development centers in Bulgaria and Greece, with over 200 leading software engineers and computer scientists. The Group employs ISO 9001 and NATO AQAP 2110/2210 certified processes. The company builds on 25 years of flawless reputation in creating high-stakes solutions for clients like Northrop Grumman, AT&T, IBM, Bosch, NOKIA, Indra, Leonardo, The Library of Congress, etc.

Bianor Group has long-term positive experience working with Finnish companies. In 2008, Bianor established the Bulgarian branch of Comptel by building a professional, dedicated unit to deliver and support Dynamic OSS and back-end telecom systems analysis. The team was then transferred to Comptel, which NOKIA later acquired.

Bianor’s relationship with NOKIA does not end here; it continues with the modernization and integration of Operations Support Systems (OSS) and Business Support Systems (BSS), enhancing efficiency and streamlining processes. Other Finnish partners for Bianor Group are Roam Labs, for which we have provided consultancy and engineering for an Android mobile app.

Bianor’s penetration into the Defense Industry sector, especially its participation in the European Defense Industrial Development Program and the European Defense Fund projects, opened the doors for more active collaboration with various European companies. Bianor’s consortium partners include Finnish companies like UWIS, part of the Comprehensive Underwater Intervention Information System project, and Crosshill from the Federated Advanced Cyber Physical Test range consortium.

Bianor Group believes that the history of productive partnership with Finnish companies is an optimal base on which to step and develop further, bringing mutually beneficial relationships and collaboration in the sphere of IT consultancy and software service delivery.

Thanks to its broad range of expertise and diverse tech stack, Bianor Group delivers comprehensive end-to-end software solutions that empower organizations to grow and build sustainable competitive advantage. Bianor is dedicated to helping visionary enterprises succeed and drive positive change through technology. The Group is redefining excellence in software service delivery through technology innovation, domain expertise, and reliable engineering.