Business opportunities in waste management in the Czech Republic

This thesis was conducted by the order of the Finland-Central Eastern European Countries Business Association. The objective was to research the business opportunities for Finnish SMEs in the waste management sector in the Czech Republic.

The objective was to acquire and provide new and practicable knowledge for the business association about the business environment, public decision-making affecting waste management operations, and required cooperation.

The research approach was qualitative. Semi-structured interviews were conducted to collect information. The selection of interviewees was based on their experience and expertise in the studied field.

The theoretical framework was structured before conducting the interviews. The interviews were conducted during April and May 2021.

The interviews were recorded and transcribed. The interpretation of the results was made based on the transcription.

The results highlighted important practicalities to be considered generally in the target market area, or specifically when operating in the waste management sector or cooperating with the municipalities in the Czech Republic.

Read the thesis about Business opportunities in waste management in the Czech Republic here. Pdf file opens in a new window.

Otto Laaksonen
Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences
Bachelor’s Thesis