We are happy to invite you to lead the delegation of entrepreneurs of your country to our Retail Convention, which will take place on 28-29 June, in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan in participation of the holiday of “20 years unniversary of the capital city of Kazakhstan – Astana” . It will disclose export potential of your country in EAEU region.

International Convention “The World of Trade” is the largest meeting of trade industry professionals in Eurasia: retailers, suppliers, distributors, government officials and independent experts. We expect more than 3000 professional participants from 35 countries of the world and 100 retailers from different countries on negotiations with suppliers.

Akimat of Astana city and the Government of Kazakhstan support us in this initiative. This is the only and the biggest vivid platform where all segments of retail come together and talk on the most urgent topics, make deals and develope their potential. This is the only event for retail, promotion of export, import and investments on the CIS territory.

Retail Convention is:

  1. 100 retail chains from all over the world
  2. 400 sq. m of direct networking
  3. 800 sq.m of stylized hypermarket with food, non-food products samples from all over the world.
  4. 3000 participants
  5. 300 speakers
  6. 20 delegations of foreign entrepreneurers
  7. the biggest official venue in Astana – The Palace of Independence
  8. 10 different interactive zones and 3 thematic world cafes

Attached you will find the AGENDA, detailed description of our event and formats of participation. Foreign retail chains can participate on the special conditions – FREE OF CHARGE!

WE have a few more point to talk about, like:

  1. Smart City – specially designed zone on the venue of our event which is dedicated to IT technologies and solutions which can help retail become more convenient and digitalized. New technologies for retail from YOUR COUNTRY ARE WARM WELCOME!!!
  2. The International Center for Negotiations of Retailers and Suppliers of EEU Countries – this is the  heart of the convention, the space for bilateral blitz-negotiations between suppliers and purchasing directors. It may become the world’s largest meeting of manufacturers and retailers in this format. National manufacturers from 35 countries of the world will present their products. More than 100 trade networks from the CIS countries, distributors, operators of international electronic commerce will join the negotiations on the part of retail

We would be happy to see you and your coleagues at our event. I am ready to answer all of your questions.

Wait for your answer impatiently

EXIM Partners is the only operator in Kazakhstan assisting producers of consumer goods to get on the shelves of retail chains of Kazakhstan and Russia.
EXIM Partners is a leader in organizing and conducting business events for retail and commodity production companies. Our company has more than 100 partners in retail chains of Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyztan, Uzbekistan. Over more than 2 years, more than 200 items of goods were brought into retail chains.

Here are some of the publications on our previous events:


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Official web-site: www.exim-partners.kz

The World of Trade brochure

The World of Trade brochure 180418 Agenda World of TRade angl
Best regards!

Kristina Kuznetcova
International Exhibition Congress “The World of TRade”
Summer, 2018. Astana. Kazakhstan.

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