Team Finland organizes a trip to Magnystau (Aktau) and Atyrau Regions in September for Finnish companies interested in business opportunities in the two regions. The agenda will include meetings with both the regional administration as well as with the regional industrial companies. The mission will be led by our Ambassador to Kazakhstan Ms. Soili Makelainen-Buhanist.

Magnystau (Aktau) and Atyrau Regions Located by the Caspian Sea, the regions of Magnystau and Atyrau are strategically important oil & gas, chemical and logistics industry areas for Kazakhstan. Rich in natural resources, the regions have enjoyed interest for both Kazakh and foreign investments. As a result, the region hosts major companies required to acquire green, Best Available Technologies per the new Kazakhstani EcoCode. In addition, the regions themselves are also open for solutions around renewable energy (wind and solar power), related to municipal water and waste, as well as to port and industrial logistics (and material handling). For more information about the regions, please visit Kazakh Invest ( /

Cost and practicalities – the trip will last three days whereby the first two will be spend in Aktau city (Magnystau) and the third day will be spend in Atyrau city. The trip’s focus will be in presenting Finnish solutions to the regional decision makers and to the industrial companies in the areas of e.g. digitalization, energy, green solutions, industrial automation, infrastructure, logistics etc. However, all Finnish companies are welcome to join and the program can be slightly tailored based on the participating companies.

Each participant will be responsible for the cost of their own flights and accommodation (though the participants will be eligible for a special hotel rate if booked through the Embassy). The Embassy will cover transportation to the meetings within the cities.

For more information and registration (at earliest convenience / no later than on 31 Aug) – please contact Ms. Helena Bogdan (, the new Deputy Head of Mission.