The JUTA Inc. company is one of the biggest European manufacturer of polypropylene and polyethylene products used in leading industrial&FMCG segments – food and health, pharma&chemical industry, civil engineering, automotive, agriculture and sport industry.

Company KPIs:

Company turnover is more than 300mil. EUR (TOP10 Brand in Czech republic)

2.300 employees

19 production sites

80% of export business


Industry segments:

One of our main business asset is in food and health industry and I am representing the FIBC bags division (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers), which are globally used in various commodities in powder, granulated, grain or other loose state – Food, Pharma and Chemical industry, Minerals&Feed, Waste and Recycling Industry – for various milk/lactose/nutrition powders, baby food, nutrition powders, flour, wheat & starch powders, pharma ingredients, chemicals in powder substance, coffee & granulates and food additives and other loose substances.

Main values:

  • More than 40 years of experience
  • Fully Integrated Production Management – from raw material tofinal product
  • Direct Manufacturer & Supplier
  • Product customization – tailor made solutions
  • Technology advisory – ideal packaging, cost-effective
  • execution, storage&transport needs
  • Wide range of products & internal experience exchange
  • Own research&development department – Innovations &Experience
  • Logistics & Flexibility & Fast response
  • Strategic location in EU region – all factories located inCzech republic (Central Europe)
  • Product Country of origin – EU only
  • Certificated production standards – ISO9001, ISO14001,OHSAS18001
  • Food grade certificates – FSSC22000, HACCP

Please have a look at the enclosed presentation of the JUTA Inc. company and FIBC division review.

Contac to the company:

Lukas Dulava

FIBC Sales Manager

mobile: +420 702 245 484

phone: +420 499 314 211