An interview with CEO of Pronecon, Timo Louhe

Which kind of commercial activity does the company you represent have in Eastern and Central Europe?

  • Management of Projects; Delivery and Investment
  • Business Development cases
  • Localizing of activities; search of partners and companies, manufacturing, local presence
  • Start up; Management of program, Local company and network management
  • Technology Transfer; management of technology transfer
  • Interim service

Which kind of advice would you like to give for a Finnish company planning to enter the Eastern and Central European markets?

  • To make market research
  • To understand your own position
  • To understand local culture
  • To establish a strong network
  • To use persons/companies (better Finnish; both way understanding better) which has experience when implementing to CEE area, risk mitigation

Please, tell us your success story in Eastern and Central Europe?

  • Long experience of working and living in CEE area
  • Experience of working and co-operating with local industry and even ministry level
  • Several led localization and technology transfer programs, leading of local manufacturing companies
  • Existing network in several countries as in Balkan, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland and in Baltics

How do you see the position of Eastern and Central Europe in your activities during the five coming years?

  • I see that Finnish companies have a potential opportunity to implement activities to CEE in their business expansion. To be where the business is. Also, Ukraine influence for business opportunities, re-building of the country, Poland could be an important way to enter business.

Your motto when doing business in Eastern and Central Europe?

  • Everything can happen – use network and available experience

Something you would like to tell about yourself?

  • International business professional with extensive background in industrial operations.
  • Several living periods abroad, totally 12 years.
  • Comprehensive business experience globally across multiple sectors encompassing an extensive network as Nordic, Baltic, Europe (especially CEE), Middle East, Africa.
  • Strong and successful experience and leadership in business areas, such as
  1. Management of factories and departments
  2. Sales and Key Account Management
  3. Business development (new businesses and implementation, international growth, winning concept definition, strategy)
  4. Contract Management and contracting process (license, partnership, project, delivery, after sales, life cycle support)
  5. Program Management
  6. Production Management
  7. Offset and Industrial Participation (industrial investments, localization and partnerships)
  8. Technology Transfer (investment and industrialization)
  9. After Sales and Life Cycle Support Management

    Company in a nutshell

Name                                        Pronecon Oy

Products                                    Services; Project management, Business Development, Localization, Technology transfer, Interim
Home place                               Hämeenlinna
Name                                        Timo Louhe

Title                                           CEO

Timo Louhe, CEO of Pronecon