Linox solution is a family-owned company producing high quality stainless steel products (processing equipment, pressure vessels, constructions and custom made products). The company is looking for a business partner in the Nordic market – preferably in the engineering sector – to offer their products as a package with their own engineering in addition to selling directly to the customers, but is also open for other options. They are already working with the Swedish company ROLBA Svenska AB.

Mines IB is a Slovenian company with more than two decades of tradition. They specialize in the manufacture of bathroom taps and mixers, kitchen and self-closing taps, kitchen sinks and plumbing elements. The company is looking for a distributor – DIY centres and showrooms for ceramics and bathroom equipment – for the Scandinavian markets.

SM Strojkoplast is a medium-sized Slovenia company with more than seven decades of production experience in more than 20 markets. They manufacture various elements for electrical installations, from stirrups and current conductors, terminal blocks, capacitor connection kits, and measuring sets to other electrical elements. They are looking for business partners to increase their sales in the Nordic market.

iZOP-K is a Slovenian family-owned company in the defense industry specialized in the manufacturing of sports sniper rifles; production of defense industry components; storing and handling of explosives, ammunitions, and weapons of all kinds. They want to find business partners and expand to the Nordic market.

Edge Case Solutions is a Slovenian software development company. Their latest product is a client onboarding platform called Verify 365 that offers the following services: identity, address and business verifications; AML checks, open banking, digital payments, document e-signatures, property searches, and source of funding analytics. The company is searching for potential partners in the law sector – law and notary chambers – and the financial sector for the Nordic markets.

AdConSol is a Slovenian company offering an innovative solution for the thermal insulation of windows called SKARO Fore-Windows. The company also offers a low energy cross laminated timber construction system which uses natural materials. The company is looking for a partner in the field of wooden windows production or a timber house supplier in the Nordic market (note: I can send documents in English for this company).

Api-line is a Slovenian company that produces natural honey and beeswax products. Their most innovative products are Honey Sticks (natural honey and fruit sweets), Honey & fruit spreads and Beeswax crayons. The company is looking for a distributor or sales agent in the Danish market.

For further information, please contac the companies or Milena Stefanovic Kajzer at Embassy of Slovenia in Copenhagen.